The Road to Here.

The greatest part of a road trip isn't arriving at your destination. It's all the wild stuff that happens along the way.

We’ve been on a road trip together for several years now.  The road trip started when each of us were working for separate organizations on the same project; creating and managing really cool course and training projects.   Working together on these projects, we realized over time that the best learning doesn’t always take place in the classroom.   We believe that we all have ideas, knowledge and expertise that can be shared through course creation. Eventually, we decided to jump on the same bus,  join forces and create BlueKey Group - an online course production company. 

In the beginning the road was bumpy.  We struggled.  Struggled to figure out who BlueKey Group was.  How we would market our products and services.  What were we selling exactly?  Where should we invest our marketing efforts? Questioning ourselves and wondering is it worth it?

But through all the bumps, screeching stops and u-turns, we’ve had so much fun working together. In our yoga pants,  from our separate home offices.  We challenged each other to all-day workouts.  We supported each other to be more productive using Pomodoro challenges.  We shared the latest books we were reading, leading to new ideas and ways of doing things.  And, we stopped each other’s beeline to the pantry for Red Vines or chocolate chips when our days were stressful.

One bright, sunny day we had a revelation. Could there be others who might experience the same struggles? The struggle to stay productive when the vacuum is calling you, to avoid daily pantry runs for Red Vines, to stay positive when rejections seem endless.  That day, The Home Office Project was born.  

We’re full speed ahead now.  Please join us on our road trip!  

What we do in our home offices

We are Stephanie Nelson and Kathy Dotson, the creators of BlueKey Group and The Home Office Project.  Combined, we’ve spent over 30 years helping others develop training, learn and find meaningful careers.  Most of this time while working from home.

This page is really not about us,  it's about you and the highs and lows in your home office life. We want to hear it all!   We believe in you and are your biggest fans.

In our home offices, we have also created an project that is the closest to our heart. We would love it if you could also check out Jump for Joy.

While we’re not in our home offices, we enjoy spending time in our beautiful state of Colorado, with our friends, family and our Goldens - Simon (belongs to Steph), Watson and Willie (belong to Kathy).

We can't wait to meet you!
-Kathy and Steph