Our Virtual Daily Stand-up - How We Start Our Day

 Coffee and virtual daily stand-ups

Coffee and virtual daily stand-ups

Yes, coffee.  That's how we start our day.  And Virtual Daily Stand-ups.

For several  months now, we’ve been religiously completing a virtual daily stand-up.  This has been our way of starting the day and getting our head in the game.  It’s pretty magical.

Here is how it works:

  • Create a stand-up template in Google Docs
  • Set a deadline where either you complete the stand-up as a team or individually.  Our Deadline is 9am
  • Review and comment on each other’s posts
  • Now you’re on the same page and ready to tackle the day!

Feel free to use our google template.  You may get your copy here:

An arctic storm is coming our way tomorrow so today we took our virtual stand up on the road.  Outside.  To a trail with an incredible view of the mountains.  And with our favorite walking buddies; Simon, Watson and Willie.

Stay warm! Kathy and Steph