What's Happening In The Dog House


If you haven’t picked up on it by now, we love working in our home office(s).  We also love our faithful office buddies; Watson, Willie and Simon.  Typically,  you’ll find them sleeping by our feet and they are just adorable angels - or at least they are to us:)   However,  this all goes awry - and the devil horns immerge - when the Fed Ex, UPS and/or garbage truck(s) zoom by.   Or EVERY day at 4pm when the neighborhood sheepdog strolls very slowly up the walkway.  Oh and bunnies - Simon loves (hates) bunnies.

These episodes typically happen at the least opportune times - like when we join a zoom call  where we happen to be leading it.  A few weeks ago Steph mentioned to me that when Simon was a puppy, she used something called Pet Corrector.  This helped her (and Simon) stop nasty habits - like uncontrollable barking.  I can’t believe we have worked together for so long and this topic NEVER came up! I am so thankful it did.

THIS STUFF IS MAGIC!!!!  I started using Pet Corrector just prior to the holidays.  Per the instructions, I began focusing on one thing at a time.  Baby steps, right?  Each time either Watson or Willie (or usually both) was caught in the barking act, I sprayed the magic spray along with the “quiet” command.  This miracle method began working in a matter of a few, short days.  Yes, DAYS!

I realize when attempting to train Watson and Willie in the past,  it’s consistency (me) as much as the dog’s behavior.  Over the holidays there were moments of inconsistency.  However, now that we are back to a regular office schedule - Watson and Willie stop barking on command roughly 90% of the time.  That is amazing results considering we started at 0%!

Little does Watson know we are working on jumping up next.  He refuses to admit he is no longer an adorable 20lb puppy.  But then, I refuse to admit I can no longer fit into the jeans two sizes smaller in my closet.

Do you have an office buddy or buddies?  If so, we’d love to hear your training tips in the comments below!

Have a great day,

Kathy (and Steph)

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