Our Home Office Life: It Gets Better (And Better)

 End the isolation in your home office. Join a community of people working from home and supporting each other in their home offices.

We’re officially open for business!

We’ve been on a bit of a road trip for the last several months.  It wasn’t planned.  We were headed down a smooth highway that suddenly got really bumpy so we decided to take a detour.  The detour led us to today - the launch of The Home Office Project Membership.  Many sleepless nights, blood (ok, maybe not blood), sweat and tears have gone into this creation and we are finally SO excited to be sharing it with you.  The Home Office Project Membership is created out of our honest desire to help people who are depending 100% on themselves for income - alone in their home office and struggling, to become more productive, healthy and happy.  Because,  we’ve been there.  

Here’s our story.

Kathy: When I first started working from home many years ago, it was the strangest experience to go from hopping on airplanes to walking down the hall to my home office.  I had just jumped off the corporate ladder to join a small, virtual company of three.

Looking back, I was pretty lost.  Even though I was working with others, there were so many adjustments I had to make in order to make it through my day(s).  I wasn’t bombarded with emails, no one was calling me.  I had to completely adjust to this new lifestyle and motivate myself to be productive.  And, it was scary as for the first time, I was completely responsible for generating 100% of my income.

Steph: The experience was similar for me when I started working out of my home office. I was so lost! And lonely. I was solely working on my own. I had no team, I had no business partners. I would often get stuck and have no one to bounce ideas off of.  So, I stayed stuck a lot.  I struggled to find my groove or routine which meant that I was working in deadline mode at night and on the weekends. Quite honestly, I was miserable and I missed the routine and structure of the office I knew before.

Kathy: Over time I figured out how to motivate myself, stay productive and avoid the pantry. I eventually developed a routine that included showering and getting out of my pajamas.   But it wasn’t easy - and very lonely.

Steph:  Yes! Eventually you start finding your way - but talk about growing pains! I started small. I was very structured in the way I planned my day. I added my priorities to my calendar, I time blocked, and then I also added a workout at the gym for the end of the day. That was my signal to myself that the day was over and I needed to have everything done. The gym was just as important to me as my work was. Believe it or not.  

Kathy: A few months ago, Steph and I were comparing stories of how we both started working from home.  We surprisingly (or not) shared the same obstacles; isolation, motivation, spinning, self-doubt, fear of failure, eating and then not eating, working endless hours, etc.  We both agreed that if there had been a group of like-minded individuals to collaborate with at the time - we would have connected to them in a heartbeat! (Confession: Steph and I are introverts and networking events are not our thing)

Steph:  If we would have had a group of like-minded individuals early on, I know it would have saved us both from so much. Today though, we are grateful for the lessons learned.   And we are so lucky now, to be working together and supporting each other.  That’s why we want to support you too.

Kathy: After Steph and I joined forces at BlueKey Group,  we began to make a game out of our work day.  We shared the latest books we were reading, we talked about our workouts, what we were eating for lunch, and we kept each other accountable.  We constantly challenged each other to be more productive,  healthy,  and most importantly, happy.

We began to have a lot fun too.

Steph: We have fun every day. I can honestly say that. Not every day is easy, but we have laughed every day. And accountability is everything.  We start our day connecting together via our Virtual Daily-Stand-Up. We have committed to finishing that activity 9:00am every week day. Because I know Kathy is showing up ready to work at 9, I show up too.  Oops, except this morning. I forgot.

Kathy: Selfishly, I’m most excited about The Home Office Project to meet other people (nothing against you, Steph) and to share what we have learned with them and to learn from them too! Together.

Steph: Yes! We may not know you yet, but we already believe in you. We believe that your home office life can be easier. And happier. We believe that you can spend fewer hours there and truly live life outside of the 4 walls of your office. We believe that on the days that are more difficult for us (and yes, they come), we will watch you thriving and it will encourage us.

We’re on a quest to be more productive, healthy and happy in our home offices and we want to help you.  Will you join us?  

Steph and Kathy
Your Home Office Guides

P.S. Just as it’s easy to lose focus in our home offices, it is just as easy to become too intense and too focused. And that’s been our experience this week! We launched two products in 24 hours (do you know how much coffee is required for that?). We are proud of both of them and would be honored if you not only checked out The Home Office Project but The Third Option  too.