This Week's Challenge: Choose You

  “Be kind. Be patient. Be generous. Be accepting. Be all of these things to yourself. That is where it begins.”

“Be kind. Be patient. Be generous. Be accepting. Be all of these things to yourself. That is where it begins.”

You might find yourself in the middle of a deadline this week. Pushing hard, sitting intensely at your desk for hours just to get it done. And to get it behind you. I don’t know if you are like me, but if you are, you need a reminder to stop and take care of yourself so you can keep going to take care of others (your client, your employees, your community, your family).

So this week, I challenge you to add an appointment to your calendar with a reminder. And add that appointment to every day this week for 15 minutes each day. The name of the appointment should be “Me”. And during those 15 minutes, do one thing to show care to yourself. Here are some ideas:

  • Stand up and stretch for 15 minutes
  • Get up from your desk and get a fresh glass of water. Drink it slowly, don’t rush back to your office.
  • Put on your shoes and take a quick walk with your dog. He will never know it was only 15 minutes (or will he?)!
  • Get up from your desk and do a mini workout. I can fit quite a few planks and curtsy lunges in in 15 minutes.
  • Open up your favorite book that lifts you up and read for 15 minutes.
  • Turn on your favorite, light-hearted podcast (admittedly, I love the Tara and Johnny podcast) and zone out.
  • Make a cup of your favorite tea and sip it in the sunshine.

If you are up for the challenge this week, add a comment or send us an email with “I’m in!” and get that “Me” appointment added to your calendar.

This challenge is inspired by my new favorite read by James Altucher, Choose Yourself

Here’s to a week of ‘you’!


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