Are you craving REAL conversations? So are we.

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When Steph and I decided to team up under BlueKey Group, we knew we had so much to learn about marketing in an online space.  We dove right in.  Off the deep end.  We started following all the experts, signed up for every free ebook, challenge and webinar.  Absorbed everything people were saying about lead magnets, sales funnels, building tribes, etc.  We listened to them about how to connect with your audience on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn.......and we've been doing that.  Like crazy.  And we'll continue to do that. 

But recently, we came up for air and realized something was missing.  REAL conversation. Like get up, shower, dry your hair, put your makeup on and look-the-other-person-in-the-eye conversation. So we're trying something new.  The best conversations, ideas, solutions happen with friends over a Venti Latte, right?

Welcome to Earth Dog Coffee


Virtual Coffee Chat.  Have authentic conversation with 4 (or so) people you don't know for one hour.


  • When's the last time you sat down to have coffee with four people you've never met?
  • The best ideas and solutions happen over a cup of coffee with friends.
  • You never know who you might meet but we’ll make it easy.
  • Share your story and learn from others.
  • Gain new friendships and business opportunities.
  • You'll have a really good time.


At Earth Dog Coffee (we connect virtually via Google Meet).   We’re everywhere you are.  The only Online, Earth-friendly (and dog friendly) Virtual Coffee Shop. Bring your own coffee and conversation, we'll facilitate the connections.


You pick the day and time (or times).  Have as many re-fills as you’d like.

View upcoming coffee times here

Details and what to expect:

  • Once you select a time and sign up, you'll receive an email with more details.
  • We'll ask you a few questions to get to know you prior to the coffee chat.
  • A few days prior, you'll receive more information about who you will be chatting with.
  • We'll always be on the call to help guide the conversation.
  • We use Google Meet (voice + video), it’s free and easy to use. 
  • After coffee, you choose whether to stay connected to the friends you meet.
  • There is no selling happening here. Just pleasant conversation to generate ideas, solutions and friendship.

Want to join us?  Sign up here

If you're a little curious but fear is stopping you from taking the next step.  We get it.  We've been there and sometimes our introvert nature or the voices in our head are stronger than our ability to reach out.  So, simply email us and we'll make it easy.  Or, invite a friend.  We'd love it if you shared this invitation with your friends so we could get to know them too.  

Just do it.  Take a small step.  We'll be there waiting for you and we simply can not wait to meet you!

Kathy (and Steph)

5/01/18 Update:  We don't have any Coffee Chats currently scheduled. If you feel like you have missed out and want us to bring them back, email us!