Your Advice Needed: How Do You Escape Your Home Office on the Weekends?

Escape the home office this weekend

Need your advice! This is a legit request! I'm not proud to admit this but... I am struggling at the thought of walking away and shutting my home office door for the entire weekend. This doesn't make me a hero that is so dedicated and driven to work on our businesses. This doesn't make me a productivity ninja. This doesn't make me the entrepreneur of the year. Quite the opposite: This just tells me that my life is out of balance and I am struggling to accept down time. And focus on self-care.

So help me out! Really! What strategies do you use to get yourself out of your office and into weekend mode for an entire weekend? I don't want to be tempted by work. I don't need to be working. I need a breather.

I'm going to compile the best ideas and put them into a blog post and to express my appreciation, will give you credit with a link to your project.

Grateful already for your help! Oh, if you know that person that always has all the answers, could you share this post with them too?

Let's all step away this weekend. :) Oh, and the picture is a reminder to myself of a wonderful weekend away we had this summer. Not a computer, screen, or to-do list in sight.

Enjoy your weekends, Friends!