10 Things We Learned While Having Coffee With Strangers

 We're having coffee with strangers and learning
  1. Start your mornings off on the right foot. We heard about meditation, affirmations and a helpful book, Miracle Morning.

  2. Make time to get up from your desk, even if it’s to do 20 lunges in your living room.  Quick workouts throughout the day are better than no workouts at all.

  3. Travel can help your business and personal life

  4. Having a group of people support you as you are setting your goals and then keeping the momentum to achieve them is important

  5. If you show up to work in your home office in workout gear, you are more likely to not skip a walk or skip a workout

  6. It’s okay to take a break from the intensity of a work day to do something good for yourself. Take a walk, run to the gym.

  7. People are doing some pretty amazing things in their home offices. (more to come on this topic)

  8. Great perspective and advice on how to recover from setbacks:  “I always talk positive things to myself about  the setback and believing that everything happens for a reason helps knowing that a setback is just something to learn from.”

  9. Surround yourself with people who lift you up.

  10. “In my “day job”, I talk to people on the phone all day long.  After participating in the coffee chat, I realized how valuable the conversation was with others.  It was just the boost I needed.  Although I talk with people all day long, this was different.  It was nice to talk "face-to-face" and share ideas.”

Thanks to all who joined us for coffee this week!  We met some pretty amazing people who now we consider friends (Jessica Brown,  Bianca Willis from Learning to Live Movement and Esther Hansen from SugarWise).