How a Dietitian Nutritionist Opened Up An Additional Revenue Stream With an Online Course and Membership

 Esther Hansen, additional revenue stream, dietitian nutritionist, build and launch an online course

Esther Hansen is a dietitian nutritionist in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is the owner of Fort Collins Weight Loss & Nutrition and has always been passionate about helping her clients eat well without crash dieting. In addition to running a private practice, she is also the creator of SugarWise, an online course aimed at real foods to balance blood sugar (energy), Gain Peace Not Weight, The Third Option, an online membership and community helping you find your nutrition path, guided by intuition and intellect, fueled by kindness to self.

To get started, what brought you to your career as a dietitian nutritionist?
My first exposure to the field of dietetics was a caring Hospice dietitian who helped my aunt in her late stage breast cancer.  I was 7 years old and knew dietetics would be my career.   

What was the moment that made you realize there was another revenue stream to add to your current operations?
My practice grew to the point where I had a month waitlist.  I was working long hours and loving every minute of it.  As my family grew, my priorities shifted and I knew there was a way to serve more people without compromising family time.  

Stephanie (of BKG) and I had been friends for years and when we were walking one day, realized our skills aligned and we could create something big together.  

What was your favorite part of the process?
Just one favorite part?  Working with Stephanie!  She is top notch and has a patient, centering presence.  Also hearing clients’ testimonies about how their dietary and mindset changes have made a profound impact on their health.      

If you had it to do over again? Would you have done anything differently?
I would’ve listened to my clients first, to see what they want and need (vs. what I want for them to want, or what I think they need).  They are the experts on their lives.    

What is your dream for The Third Option and SugarWise?
I envision The Third Option as a thriving community of people encouraging each other to eat well and think well.  Who put crash diets and body shaming aside, who allow themselves to take small steps and re-learn to take unabashed satisfaction  in food.  Because food is pleasurable!  It is a movement, a revolution that America desperately needs.  

What do you look forward to next?
Oh, we have 3 other projects in the works and countless more dreamt up!  Our projects will primarily be offered to our community so get in now!

Have questions about The Third Option? Email Esther for more information!