We are Jumping for Joy

We are jumping for joy - pinterest.png

We have started jumping rope for joy. 

Let's be honest. The home office life, as much as we love it, wouldn't want to work any other way, and talk endlessly about it - it's not a cake-walk. 

There is isolation. Even if you work on a remote team, you are still alone, in your home office for at least 8 hours a day.  

With this kind of isolation comes spending more and more time working in your pajamas (Has anyone never had this happen? If so, I'll give you a slow-clap on that one). Less time interacting with real people in the sunlight. More time alone, sitting, then running to the pantry for what we think are brain-breaks.

The home office life takes willpower, self-control and self-compassion. 

We started jumping for joy in an attempt to cure the 'funk' that some of our home office days left us. To be perfectly transparent, I started jumping rope in an attempt to cure my own depression. We needed more movement, less sitting, less over-thinking. We wanted it to be easy. And we wanted it to be fun.  So we jumped rope 'together'. We would share what music we were listening to, what our jumping workouts looked like and how we felt after. 

This simple action of jumping (rope) for joy was a game-changer and a catalyst for more movement and more joy. 

It was also the start of a passion project for both of us that we fondly refer to as Jump for Joy. We invite you to visit us and jump with us

Here's to more joy and more jumping!

We won't that home office life get you down!

We're in it with you.