Drinking On the Job


(Sorry, not sorry, Mom.)

Thanks to some back and neck issues creeping in lately (and my boyfriend pointing out that my shoulders are 'rounding' which caused me to go into instant freak-out mode), I've been very aware at how many hours I am sitting at my desk with my hands on a keyboard and/or mouse without a break. 

The easiest way to remind yourself to stand up throughout the day? Filling up your water glass, 10 times. This is a win-win. Drink more water, get a few steps in on the way to the kitchen, and swing your arms on the way there and back. Fighting back at these rounded shoulders, one glass at a time.

I'm going to drink 10 of these glasses today. Want to join me in the Drinking on the Job Challenge? 

Head to The Breakroom to join up!


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